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Third-party risk management

The platform that supports your business amid evolving third-party risk.

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Manage third-party risk in one place.

GAN Integrity’s third-party management platform tracks the full lifecycle of third-party relationships—including agents, distributors, and consultants—from onboarding to termination within the unified platform.

Everything we do to take a third party through a due diligence process is all captured in the same platform. We’ve been able to bridge processes and create more efficiency through digital transformation.

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Reach maximal compliance efficiency

Third-party populations are complex and resources are finite. With the Integrity Platform’s productivity experience, automation limits manual intervention to the bare minimum, making room for teams to focus on critical risks.

Risk-based approach

Deploy rule-based due diligence workflows to automatically evaluate and monitor third parties based on risk thresholds unique to your business.

Conditional risk escalations

Set conditions to automatically disseminate questionnaires, request business justifications, launch investigations, or perform any other action deemed necessary.

Custom risk ratings

Set automated risk ratings based on risk tolerance and allow the platform to calculate aggregate risk levels for a holistic view of risk at all times.

User management

Control stakeholder data access

Tailor third-party onboarding to business units in every region with flexible and modifiable technology to decentralize ownership of relationships and increase accountability of ethical business.

Tailored risk assessments

Tailor every approval workflow by assigning participants and reviewers predicated on criteria you set. Empower managers to effectively mitigate risks specific to their operations and geography.

Defendable infrastructure

Enable stakeholders in any function, including finance, procurement, legal, and human resources, to become an extension of compliance by flagging risks with embedded operational compliance checks.

Connected compliance

Connect your third-party risk management application to any compliance process, including conflict or gift management, to ensure stakeholders assess risks holistically.

We have designed a program that fits in seamlessly with how the business operates.

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Build the solution that is right for you

The Integrity Platform relies fully on your business’s unique requirements to create a solution that is fully customized, conforming to your needs and existing processes.

Created to be adapted

GAN Integrity meets customers where they are and strives to utilize existing processes, resources, and personnel to create compliance solutions that work in practice—not just in theory.

Adjusted to your process

Implementations are highly contextualized to the size and nature of your business, transaction, and risk exposure. Your solution is continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of your business.

Scaled for tomorrow’s demands

Pivot rapidly during times of change by capturing new data points critical to your third-party risk assessment using scalable technology for more effective monitoring of risk.

The Integrity Platform’s reporting and analytics experience gives every user a visual and real-time representation of their assigned third party population and attendant risk factors. This ensures an effective mitigation and escalation process. The aggregated data is captured into reports tailored to both purpose and audience, making it possible to communicate the extent of exposure to management and implement internal controls governing third-party engagement across the organization.


Integrations for real-time insights

Key information concerning an organization’s third-party relationships is often too fragmented to be of any discernible value. With the Integrity platform’s powerful integrations, you can connect your third party program to any enterprise platform, removing data silos and ensuring all information related to your business’s third parties is captured centrally.

Embed risk intelligence

Get industry-leading risk intelligence reports in the Integrity Platform and enrich your assessments for a more accurate risk rating.

Connect enterprise data

Connect your third-party risk management program to the rest of your enterprise program suite to ensure the seamless flow of data.

Integrate with data partners

Choose to leverage GAN Integrity’s industry-leading partner data or connect your due diligence process to partners of your choosing.

Recognizing that enhanced due diligence is often required of channel partners, GAN Integrity also equips compliance officers with the ability to request more detailed reports through its exclusive partnership with Control Risks.

Whether an organization lacks the internal resources to compile such a report or simply wants additional assurance that the channel partner is legitimate and reputable, GAN Integrity’s VANTAGE Managed Services platform equips compliance officers with relevant, easy-to-understand, actionable and timely data concerning third-party partners.

Taken as a whole, this bespoke corporate intelligence service equips compliance officers with the full range of information needed to protect an organization from entering into agreements with unscrupulous and/or blacklisted entities and actors.

Realize a fully custom third-party risk management solution to support your company’s evolving requirements.

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